AWWTM: A Hundred and One Wankers

From At War With The Motorist, on our co-blogger Dawn’s new creation:

Somebody called Dawn Foster writes in The Grauniad Bike Blog today about her latest blog, A Hundred and One Wankers, a rigorous academic exercise mapping London’s wankers — specifically, the wankers who just can’t control themselves when confronted with all the provocatively sweaty sexy ladies riding their bicycles on London’s streets.  Be they cabbies, white van drivers, special branch in their pimped range rovers, politicians’ chauffeurs, or even pedestrians, the male half of London’s non-cycling population seem to break down when confronted with those of us cool enough to have a bicycle.  If it’s a gentleman cyclist, they break down with jealousy and try to use the advanced stop lane in the hope that some of our awesomeness might rub off.  And with lady cyclists they break down with desire, become temporarily delirious, and do or say something embarrassing.

You can participate in the fascinating study of this phenomenon by filling in the survey on the Guardian article’s comment thread; and by subscribing to 101 Wankers.

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