Lay Science: On Gillian McKeith

After renewed fighting between Bad Science’s Ben Goldacre and make-believe scientist Gillian McKeith, the skeptical blogosphere has been taking a look at itself and wondering whether it’s being a bit too mean, and putting people off.  My contribution at Lay Science says ‘no’: there is value in making fun of lame pseudoscientists.

In a piece of contrarianism worthy of Jack of Kent, it was suggested by a number of people (e.g. here) on twitter that the latest round of Gillian McKeith bashing would serve only to make a martyr of the awful old poo lady. Perhaps she would like that. She has always left me with the impression of somebody lonely, in a mid-life crisis, absolutely desperate for fame and attention (I don’t know; an impression only, of course, no objective insight into her character is implied).

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