This is another archival repost, originally written for the old blog in september 2008.

There are differing opinions in the blogosphere over the merits of calling out bullshit. Does one feed the troll? Is it ever acceptable to sink to ad hominin attacks?

I try to stay civil, and I try to resist commenting on every bad article and news report. But I make no apologies when it comes to this:

A teenage girl in central India killed herself after being traumatised by media reports that a ‘Big Bang’ experiment in Europe could bring about the end of the world, her father said.

Oh. Well done, media.

The Daily Mail, of course, has been trolling the country since before “trolling” was even coined. The readers’ comments are performing as usual:

How devastating for this girl’s family. However, I am surprised that there has only been one reported case like this. Whoever is responsible (or should I say, irresponsible) for allowing this circus to continue should hang their heads in shame.

What a fine, democratic world we live in, where secret experiments costing billions and endangering humanity can be allowed to be devised with absolutely no consultation of the public whatsoever.

– Sara, Paris, France, 11/9/2008 9:40

Secret experiment? What kind of fucktard are you, Sara? Other than that, you make an excellent point here: the writers of the Daily Mail, and other irresponsible elements in the media, should hang their heads.

This was just the start of the trial and by no means the BIG BANG. This will come in a few weeks time when the huge explosion actually occurs–not to mention the after effects of the black hole atoms reproducing at an alarming rate which will effect us in a few years time. God bless her.

– Jane, SPAIN, 11/9/2008 9:04

Hi, Jane! If I were you, I’d be more worried about your immense density attracting celestial objects or knocking the Earth out of its orbit. Perhaps CERN’s scientists could be profitably employed investigating how it affects the curvature of space-time?

I don’t want to dwell on this. I’m repulsing myself by participating in this point-scoring match over one person’s personal tragic tale. Which is perhaps why I find this foul attempt at smearing science so outrageous.

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