from the archives of welcoming recent growths in cycling

I collect quotes in which politicians boast of or "welcome" recent growth in cycling. Apparently, there has been a massive recent growth in cycling constantly for 30 years. Imagine that. This is a particularly fun one, from Hansard, 23 November 1989. Get your bingo cards out.

Mr John Bowis (Battersea)??

I do not know how often my right hon. and learned Friend pedals to work, but I am sure that he agrees with me that the growth in cycling as a form of transport is very welcome. Nevertheless, the House has not, to my knowledge, debated cycling as a form of transport. Will he provide an opportunity for right hon. and hon. Members to consider the dangers to pedestrians of cyclists whizzing past them on pavements and the dangers to motorists of unlit cycles cluttering up our roads?

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