i bet they deliberately make norm baker field these questions to taunt him

Friends of the Earth press release, "Road traffic reduction bill becomes law", 21 March 1997:

Charles Secrett Executive Director of Friends of the Earth said:
"This is wonderful news and a momentous occasion in transport history: for the first time ever a law has been passed that will tackle traffic growth rather than trying to accommodate it…"

Hansard, 19 December 2011:

Norman Baker (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Regional and Local Transport), Transport; Lewes, Liberal Democrat)
While the Secretary of State for Transport is not obliged to publish further reports, the Department does of course believe that reducing the environmental, social and economic adverse impacts of road traffic is important. Indeed, reducing these impacts, across the entire transport spectrum, is core to the Department's business.

So it's back to "accommodating" that 44% increase in road traffic and treating the symptoms rather than the cause. Merry Christmas, War Is Over.

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