the roadless warrior

flicking through old copies of Nature to the pages with the corner turned down, before chucking them out. Dunno quite what to think about this gushing feature article. I can't help thinking "yay, we can now rape the rainforest gently," but, really, my cynicism comes with little thought or research…

The Malvinas natural-gas plant might seem the ultimate insult to a largely unspoiled tropical paradise, particularly for a lifelong conservationist such as Babbitt… But where others see blight, Babbitt sees a vision of the future. He looks past the pipes and pollution and focuses instead on what makes this project stand out: seen from the sky, Malvinas is an island of industrial activity in a sea of trees. There are no roads into the site; everything that enters or leaves Malvinas, including gas, rubbish, food and people, does so by plane, boat or underground pipeline.

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