Aaronovitch on The War On The Motorist

random playing through a massive podcast backlog, I got this from David Aaronovitch on Little Atoms, presumably the episode from March 2007.

Last year, in the borough that I live in, Camden, which was a well run borough, not– you know– council made mistakes and so on, but– they turfed the council out on the basis of a kind of feeling of crossness about parking wardens. So we got this Tory-Liberal Democrat alliance in, they get rid of the contract for clamping, which may or may not have been a good contract, and the net result is that they have to cut down on all kinds of community organisations whose focus is solely on the poor. It's absolutely inevitable. The richer part of the borough essentially turfed the council out on the basis that it couldn't park where it wanted, and the poorer– the poorest part of the borough gets the services cut as a result by that council….
I doubt they even noticed… you have a kind of quasi middle class revolt. It reminds me of the mood at the time of the fuel protests. It's a kind of pointless insurrection, an insurgency of victimhood on the part of people who don't suffer. There's nothing more intolerable than people who don't suffer whinging about how terrible their lives are.

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