in which the honourable gentleman is busted

This exchange in the same 1963 Buchanan Report debate made me giggle. I guess jokes about Tory shire county MPs write themselves.

Mr Simon Digby (Conservative, West Dorset)
The Report expresses the idea that there is something very unsightly in private motor cars being parked in front of buildings. I do not entirely agree. On one occasion I saw a number of cars, taking part in a car rally, parked in front of a very attractive country house, and it did not seem to me that they detracted from the appearance of that house any more than would have a lot of old-fashioned carriages in front of the house 100 years ago.

Mr Richard Marsh (Labour, Greenwich)
Whose house was it? Was it the hon. Gentleman's?

Mr Simon Digby (Conservative, West Dorset)
As a matter of fact, it was mine.

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