on cycle training

scrolling through the TfL Attitudes to cycling report while citing some numbers, I spotted these ones, unrelated to what I was writing about, which hadn’t caught my eye before…

Cycle training increased the confidence of 76% of attendees. The training is reported to have a relatively low impact on cycling frequency, with a similar proportion saying they cycle less as a result (27%) of the training as those who say they cycle more (28%).

(Of course, it only tells you the proportion of people cycling more/less, not the net effect on journeys, but…)

These numbers obviously don’t tell us all that much without a control group of people who did not receive cycle training, which is difficult to do with a post hoc survey, but A to C does report on churn more generally. Their question on whether you cycle more or less this year than last (which is obviously not the same question as before and after cycle training, which some respondents would have had far more than one year ago, so don’t take this too seriously) reports that 28% are riding more and 22% are riding less.

The neighbouring stats, showing that, more often that not, people felt “more confident” after training, seems to be the one that always gets cited and circulated.


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