Free* 4 day weekend in the West Highlands

I have tickets for the Caledonian Sleeper. I don’t think I’m going to be able to use them. They are £39 advance "bargain berth" tickets — non refundable. Technically, they’re not transferable either, so they’re not for sale. But I could possibly aide somebody in their pretending to be me.

If you want them, you need:

  • To be available for the 4 days of Friday 19 to Monday 22. That’s the weekend after this one coming.
  • To be male.
  • To organise your own accommodation – that much is not free, but tends to be easy and, if you want it to be, cheap in the West Highlands.
  • To be somebody that I trust to not do bad things when pretending to be me on the train: no complete strangers need apply.

The sleeper is awesome. It’ll leave Euston late on Thursday 18, and arrive back in time for work on Tuesday morning. Unless it’s late, which it sometimes is.

I was planning to stay beside the railway in Crianlarich the whole time, and each day do a set of big circular bicycle rides involving a few big hills to ride up and lots of picturesque things to pass:

But the tickets could equally be used in conjunction with a West Highland Rover ticket, like the trip that Sally did, for a much less energetic but no less scenic break.

In the unlikely event of multiple requests, tickets go strictly to the person I think will make best use of them / will appreciate them the most / is most deserving of them / I like the most.

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