Ten baby names to watch out for in 2014

Way back when I worked in academic publishing, assessing newly submitted papers and finding suitable people to peer review them, I encountered hundreds of weird and wonderful names every day. And kept a list of which most amused. Which never got published because, well, it would be mean. But… the work of Dr Armbuster came up on twitter, and… I’m so sorry, all of you, I just couldn’t keep it in.

10. Sadly the legends are not true: Flaccid Trunk Paralysis in Free-ranging Elephants was not written by the legendary veterinary scientist, Everard Koch.

9. Scott H Long. S.H. Long. Heh. Anyone? Hehe. No? Oh well. Next.

8. This paper was written by Jolly & Rogers. Arrr.

7. I love the name Quackenbush. Better even than Hackenbush. I named a fictional character Quackenbush.

6. Professor Richard Titball. Heh. Sorry Prof, but… Heheh. Dick. Tit. Ball.

5. Sadly, Google Translate is now too clever to try to translate Ferdinando di Cunto‘s name. It used to give exactly what you’d expect di Cunto to translate to.

4. It’s Wei Ning Chen. Hallelujah.

3. Rabuesak Khumthong.

2. Riccardo Wanke. Heheh. Dick Wanke. Heh.

1. Post coital aortic dissection: a case report. By Morris-Stiff, Coxon, Ball, and most hilariously of all, Lewis.

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