shit i made up

Subluxations and Subpoenas – Prologue

Here’s a thing I wrote in July 2009, back when British alternative medicine was simultaneously trying to silence critics in court and complaining that there was a powerful conspiracy against it. It disappeared in blog reorganisations and possibly was just about amusing enough to deserve saving… So I was rummaging […]

Platform one

I wrote this on the old incarnation of cotch dot net in 2008, before it became strictly for photography stuff, so I’m archiving it here.  I wrote it after wasting several weeks attempting to engage with an avid reader of a specific online magazine. — This totally really happened to […]

Later, Simmons goes out of business because his sandwiches are disgusting and his chicken noodles are grey

This is a re-post of something that occurred to me at the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival at the weekend, and threw together on the Billy Bragg Forum on Tuesday. A dozen smiling happy people stand in a scruffy queue. The low evening sun sets a warm glow on their eclectic collected […]