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This is what I was actually after from NTS, for use in the context of barriers to cycling and excuses for why cycling is impractical and mass cycling impossible. I couldn't find an existing graph to show what I wanted to show, so here is one. Consider it hereby licensed CC0; data NTS 2010. UWC discuss the issue in more detail… "36.1% of trips under 2 miles and 53.0% of journeys under 5 miles are undertaken by car".

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5 thoughts on “trip lengths

  • bramblejam

    An irritating (because she does this) neighbour of mine drives about 1 mile to the school where she works every day. She’s in her 40’s and in good health as far as I know. It’s not a fun drive, stuck in traffic, she’d be better off walking across a park & down the side streets.The family has 2 cars so she can do this. Alternatively, the family has to have 2 cars so she can do this.

  • Paul M

    The x scale is kind of exponential so it is difficult to tell, but it looks like in urban areas, half of all car journeys are below about 3 miles (I have heard that it is it about 50% below 5km, which amounts to much the same thing).There is a kind of emotional thing about 50%. The fulcrum point, mid way, half and half, so half of all urban car journeys are under 3 miles and if only half of those were cycled – an absolutely perfact distance for cycling as it would take an hour to walk but only 15-20m to cycle, compared with perhaps much the same in an urban context, especially once you take the hunt for a parking space into account.As for bramblejeam’s neighbour, I have the same issues. I cycle about 1.75 mile to the station in the morning, and back in the evening, and I watch neighbours who live within a mile (it is a rural area) drive. That must be costing them several hundred a year in fuel, plus almost ??1k in parking charges, for those who don’t selfishly park on the street outside someone else’s house near the station.But it gets worse – was it 10% of kids living within 500 yards of schools in London that are taken their by car???

  • Andrew

    Is graph show just number of trips for given distance? Ie says nothing about which trips use car? Hope you can clarify. Thanks.

  • AsEasyAsRiding

    Andrew – it is just trip distance, regardless of mode. There will be a breakdown of proportion of trips by mode, by distance, in the National Travel Survey, although you may have to hunt for it.