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on blaming victims

from Ian Kennedy’s 1980 Reith Lecture, just rolling past on random play. This is nothing exciting — totally basic public health stuff, the same thing Goldacre was saying about “the deserving poor” — I’m just saving the quote for potential refere…

Aaronovitch on The War On The Motorist

random playing through a massive podcast backlog, I got this from David Aaronovitch on Little Atoms, presumably the episode from March 2007. Last year, in the borough that I live in, Camden, which was a well run borough, not– you know– council m…

Subluxations and Subpoenas – Prologue

Here’s a thing I wrote in July 2009, back when British alternative medicine was simultaneously trying to silence critics in court and complaining that there was a powerful conspiracy against it. It disappeared in blog reorganisations and possibly was just about amusing enough to deserve saving… So I was rummaging […]