Later, Simmons goes out of business because his sandwiches are disgusting and his chicken noodles are grey

This is a re-post of something that occurred to me at the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival at the weekend, and threw together on the Billy Bragg Forum on Tuesday. A dozen smiling happy people stand in a scruffy queue. The low evening sun sets a warm glow on their eclectic collected […]

Sunday syndrome #6: Welcome to life

This is another archival repost from the old blog — this one from january 2008. This post is part six in a series. The series so far can be found here. Cogito, ergo sum. RenĂ© Descartes, 1637. I’ve given five posts and several thousand words over to introductions to principles […]

Blair launches third and final manifesto

Blair: likes war, hates Bach This is another archival reposting, originally written for the old blog during the general election campaign in April 2005. The Labour Party today launched their manifesto for the general election, which includes just two policies. Blair assembled his cabinet at London’s Mermaid Theatre to announce […]